About Grace Place

Grace Place is a mission church chartered through the United Methodist Congregation located inside the Mark Luttrell Correctional Center for Women in Memphis, TN. Grace Place is 100% supported by the contributions of churches, organizations, and individuals. We began planting the roots of our congregation in the Fall of 2007 with Rev. Diane Harrison as our founding pastor, and were consecrated as a United Methodist Church in the Memphis Conference on February 16, 2013.

Grace Place functions as any other congregation. Over the course of a week we have worship, choir practice, study groups, book club, crochet group and exercise classes. We have an Inside Church Council made up of 12 residents of the prison who are members of our church and the pastor.

The women of Grace Place are active through mission and outreach inside and outside the prison. Through the sale of handmade items and an original cookbook, they were able to support mission organizations.

By "connecting" with Grace Place you are allowing all people equal access to the Church through worship and service. Over the course of a week, over 120 women participate in the ministries of Grace Place.

"Prisoners need to be visited above all others, as they are commonly solitary and forsaken by the rest of the world." - John Wesley














Our Pastor

Rev. Diane Harrison is the founding pastor of Grace Place United Methodist Church. Rev. Harrison began planting roots for this congregation during the Fall of 2007. Rev. Harrison is responsible for organizing worship, leading small groups, and outreach into the community.