In Remembrance

Annie Laura Jennings 


Annie Laura Jennings Our volunteer, Annie Laura Jennings passed away on November 23, 2015. We miss her so much as do all the ladies inside that she loved unconditionally. Annie Laura was a long time member of Ripley First United Methodist Church that has become a great supporter of Grace Place and we know will continue to be as we relocate, ironically, to the prison site at Fort Pillow, a short distance from Annie Laura's home in Ripley. We will be forever grateful to God for sending her our way. She was dedicated not only to the women in the prison but also was a faithful visitor to women in the Lauderdale County Jail. As a result of her work there several women who subsequently came to prison have become faithful members of Grace Place.  

Sydney Ann Harrison 


Sydney Ann Harrison Our volunteer Sydney Ann Harrison passed away May 1, 2016. She was the sister of Rev. Diane Harrison, the Pastor of Grace Place. Sydney became a supporter of Grace Place when it was just a dream in Diane's heart. She supported her every step of the way giving her much technical advice and support, preparing tax statements each year, answering a million "crisis questions" and giving our Pastor wise counsel and a compassionate ear whenever called upon. Truly, Grace Place would not be where it is today without Sydney. She provided items from commissary for residents that were indigent and did so many other things that no one ever knew about. She was quiet and humble in her service, wishing only to make the road a little easier for those who were living in the dark world of prison. You can make a contribution in memory of either of these wonderful women by sending a check to Grace Place UMC, 3476 Summer Ave, Mphs, TN, 38122 and indicating the memorial on your check. OR you can make your contribution by clicking the paypal link on this website. It will allow designate it as a memorial.




If you are attending Annual Conference and staying in a hotel, you can help Grace Place by saving any of the toiletries in your room furnished by the hotel that you don’t use.  Bring them to Conference each day and drop them in the large collection bin or bring them to the Grace Place display table.  These items will be used to prepare welcome kits for the 800 women as they arrive at the new prison site that Grace Place is moving to.  Thanks!! 



Flipping Church is Ready!!

Grace Place is excited to announce that the book Pastor Diane was invited to write a chapter for is ready and is available for pre-orders now!  (See photo above for details)  Pastor Diane and thirteen other people were asked to write chapters because they have all successfully planted new churches.  This is quite an honor for Grace Place and we hope you will be interested in what Pastor Diane and all the others pastors have to share about their experience as a church planter.